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GS Civil Pty Ltd is a mature well established company with long standing working relationships with many Local Government bodies over the past 20 years.


         Change is inevitable within any industry.


         Skill shortages, staffing issues and workloads all have a bearing on serviceability and meeting targets, with respect to civil maintenance.


         We intend to provide an efficient, effective and viable support mechanism to assist in meeting these demands.


         Our skills and abilities are not limited to the examples which follow and we believe our attributes are:-


                 -       Skilled mature, trained staff

                 -       Good working history in Local Government

                 -       Quality Assurance under S C I M S system

                 -       Proven ability in project maintenance

                 -       Fully insured

                 -       Excellent equipment

                 -       Prepared to get the job done properly


         Our tenure in the civil maintenance industry stands us in good stead. We understand governance and quality standards required in this industry.


         We believe that we are a great support crew, as and when needed to compliment your existing workforce.